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Our Mission

We will build trust.

We will be totally committed to building long lasting relationships with our customers, employees and business associates. We will honor all commitments. We will be honest in all dealings.

We will build only what we can be proud of.

We will never lose sight of the fact that our reputation is staked on every home and every customer and the future success of our company depends on it. We will pursue excellence by focusing on the details. We will never stop improving.

We will be a company of leaders.

We will continue to assemble a team of energetic, innovative and resourceful individuals. We will place a high premium on work ethic, commitment and resolve. We will expect every member of our team to make a difference, work towards achieving their full potential and share in our mutual success.

We will anticipate change and prepare for it.

We will stay on our planned course for business growth and diversification so that we can be better prepared for change as it happens. We will never forget the hard work and planning which it took to make this company successful. We will never take our success for granted.

We will continue to succeed.

We will measure success by the high level of our customers’ satisfaction; high quality of life enjoyed by our employees; and the high level of financial strength enjoyed by our company. We will never lose focus of this goal. We will continue to define success and to achieve new goals as well.